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Update – July 11, 2017:

After a barrage of emails, Google has decided to accept the appeal, so Piptec Green is back on the Play Store! Nothing to see here. Move along. ┬áThe changes outlined below will now apply to Piptec Green and I’ll be removing the new version since it’s no longer needed. Thanks and sorry about the mess.

Original Post – July 9, 2017:


Unfortunately Pip-Tec Green was removed from the Play Store for a policy violation. It was removed without any warning, and my appeal to reinstate it was denied so now I’m required to upload a new app to replace it; “PipTec Pro.” First of all I want to apologize for any trouble this may cause you and I thank everyone who has supported me by purchasing my apps, or providing feedback.

What does this mean for you? Here are some Qs and As:

What if I payed for the old version?

Fret not! If you missed out on getting PipTec Pro for free, I’m issuing refunds to anyone who bought the old version so that they can upgrade to the new version. To issue a refund, I just need your order number. You can find that at payments.google.com. Enter it into the contact form below, or email the order number to natewren@gmail.com and I’ll refund it for you.


What’s different in the new version?

The old app was removed for supplying both PipTec Green as well as PipTec Classic, so the new app will only have access to PipTec Green’s icons. The widgets will have options to change colors from green to classic and the PipTec Free icons will now include all the pro icons, so you can still have a full PipTec Classic theme, you will just need to use PipTec Pro Widgets with PipTec Free icons.

In short:

PipTec Pro will no longer have Classic Icons

PipTec Pro will have widgets for both Green & Classic

PipTec Free icons will include all 3,800 pro version icons

Sorry if that’s confusing. PipTec Free uses the Classic color, so use that if you want the classic theme.


Why was the old app removed?

The old app was removed from the Play Store because it provided installations for both PipTec Green as well as PipTec Classic.

The policy it violated was:

linking to a non-compliant APK hosted outside Google Play.

Since the apk was being downloaded from the Google Play Store, and not being hosted outside Google Play, I thought this wasn’t an issue. Google thought differently. Either way, I may have been playing too loose with the policy and should have considered the rules more seriously. I just wish that I could have been given a warning or an opportunity to fix the problem before the app was removed.


Again, I’m really sorry for any hassle this creates and I can’t thank you enough for your support.