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1. Root your device

Already rooted? Great. Need to root your device? Head over to, find your device’s page and read everything you can. Careful, though. Rooting voids your warranty and you can brick your phone if you do it wrong and nobody wants that.

2. Install Xposed Module Repository

Latest version here. Xposed has it’s own set of instructions for installing so make sure you check those out before installing.

3. Install Gravity Box via Xposed

Search for “gravitybox” and choose your version of android. Install the latest version and reboot your device.

4. Change Status Bar & Nav bar colors in Gravity Box

When you open gravity box you’ll see settings for different sections of your phone. All of these offer little tweaks that are fun to play around with but we’re interested in the Status Bar and Nav Bar tweaks.

Both of these are applied roughly the same way. Go to your status bar settings in gravity box and choose Statusbar colors.

Here, you can change the icon color to whatever you want. I’m using 1aff73 to match Pip-Tec Green. For reference, Amber is ffce53  and Blue: 03e7ff.

Do the same thing for the Navigation bar and you’re all set!