Creating a Custom Search Item in CSBW
Nate | 27 August
Creating Custom Search Items CSBW can use any site's search URL to create a custom search Item. This means you
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Nate | 16 June
I created my first font! Satisfontory font is based on the base building/automation game Satisfactory. Free to use for personal
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How to Apply Android Icon Packs & Themes – Quick Guide
Nate | 30 April
WelcomeApplying a ThemeManually Edit an IconEdit Nav & Status BarsWelcomeIf you're looking for instructions on how to apply themes, you're in
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Moonshine Pro – Now on Google Play!
Nate | 30 October
Moonshine Pro is out on the play store now! Pro Version Features: 500+ Additional Icons 100+ Material Design Inpspired HD
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4K Material Design Wallpapers
Nate | 29 October

Moonshine Pro is out now on the play store! Along with it, are some material design inspired wallpapers to liven

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Glass Pack
Nate | 31 August
Glass Pack has been added to the Play Store! Glass Pack is an icon pack with shiny shapes of the
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Pip-Tec Green Update
Nate | 8 July
Welp. Unfortunately Pip-Tec Green was removed from the Play Store for a policy violation. It was removed without any warning,
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Nate | 11 January
Custom Search Bar Widget (CSBW) is a fully editable search bar widget with a custom icon drawer. The widget can
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The Grid – Android Theme & Wallpapers
Nate | 4 October

The Grid is out now on the play store. Here are the wallpapers included in the app! If you want

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Rad Pack 80’s-Themed HD Wallpapers
Nate | 6 May

Rad Pack is out now on the play store. Here are the wallpapers included in the app!   “Rad Pack

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