Flight Icons – Sample Pack

Wanna check out the icons before purchasing? You’re in the right place! This is a sample of the full version of icon packs. You can download all the full versions here.

This pack comes with 13 icons in each folder. The full versions include over 5,000 icons in each folder as well as many more wallpapers. Thanks for checking them out!

Flight Sample Icons

Download Here

Flight Sample Wallpapers

Download Here


How do I use these?

Custom icons can be applied using the “Shortcuts” app in iOS 14.

Full tutorial here:


How-to Video:

Unsupported File Type?

Apple restricts opening zip files on some devices based on your user settings.

Tap the 3 dot menu > Open in > Save to Files

Once the file is in your Files app, you should be able to access them. Also, use “Choose File” when creating a shortcut in the “Shortcuts” app.

Don't have permission to open the file?

You’ll see this when your phone storage(not iCloud storage) is low on space. Try freeing up some space or restarting your device.

Couldnt communicate with helper application?

A device restart should fix this. This could be also be caused by low storage space.

Files Missing?

Each zip file should contain over 5,000 icons. If you’re only seeing a portion of this there could be a couple of reasons why: Either your download was interrupted and only a portion of the files were obtained, or your device is still in the process of unzipping. It can take a couple minutes to unzip all 5,000 files.


Download Here