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How to Apply Android Icon Packs & Themes – Quick Guide

  19.02.2017   Nate   Android Themes   No comments

WelcomeApplying a ThemeManually Edit an IconEdit Nav & Status BarsWelcomeIf you're looking for instructions on how to apply themes, you're in the right place. I made this little How-To guide for applying


Custom Search Bar Widget (CSBW) is a fully editable search bar widget with a custom icon drawer. The widget can be changed in multiple ways to match your device's current

The Grid – Android Theme & Wallpapers

The Grid is out now on the play store. Here are the wallpapers included in the app! If you want to use these in your own projects, please contact me

Rad Pack

  6.05.2016   Nate   Android Themes   No comments

Just added Rad Pack to the Play Store! Check it out here: Rad Pack Free Rad Pack Pro

Lines Dark – Added to the play store

  29.03.2016   Nate   Android Themes   No comments