LA Clippers Graphics
Nate | 7 March

These and many more that I’ve made are played on the big screen at Staples Center during the Clipper games.

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Olympics. Get your velodrome hats on.
Nate | 18 June

I’ve been doing work with Olympic coach Andy Sparks. I’ll be rooting for his wife, Sarah Hammer in the 2012

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Angels Player Intros.
Nate | 13 April

This is one out of the 40 man roster. [jwplayer config=”Custom Player” file=”” image=””/]

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Staples Center
Nate | 2 October

Staples Center held a Press Conference last week debuting their new scoreboard and my graphics were on full display. Check

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Wonderhaus Portfolio Show
Nate | 25 March

Thanks to everyone who came out and showed their support at the Portfolio Show!

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Nate | 11 March
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Demo Reel Stuff
Nate | 7 February

Portfolio projects are being rendered as we speak. Here’s a couple frames from what may be the intro.

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Hello world!
Nate | 4 January

I’m modeling the backgrounds for an animated short called “Sean & Ebert”(working title). Here’s what little sleep gets you. These

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