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4K Material Design Wallpapers

Moonshine Pro is out now on the play store! Along with it, are some material design inspired wallpapers to liven up your home screen. They’re available to download below. “Moonshine


Custom Search Bar Widget (CSBW) is a fully editable search bar widget with a custom icon drawer. The widget can be changed in multiple ways to match your device's current

Rad Pack 80’s-Themed HD Wallpapers

  6.05.2016   Nate   Design Elements   No comments

Rad Pack is out now on the play store. Here are the wallpapers included in the app!   “Rad Pack – 80’s Theme” Wallpapers by Nate Wren are licensed under a Creative

Fallout 4K Wallpapers (& other sizes)

  4.07.2015   Nate   Design Elements   No comments

With the release of the Pip-Tec android theme, I made these walls for desktop and devices. Download zips here: Get the Pip-Tec Android Themes Here:

Bluth’s Banana Logo – Vector

  2.07.2015   Nate   Design Elements   No comments

I decided to start posting design elements that may be of use to others. First one: The Bluth Banana! Download Vector + PDF