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Base Set-Up Cost: $1,500. Unlock the potential of your online presence with a professional website design service. Tailored to your brand, these web design packages include personalized consultations, staging site previews, and two rounds of revisions. Enjoy on-page SEO optimization and a seamless migration to your hosting provider.

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Get a stunning, results-driven website without the studio price tag. As a freelance web designer, I offer quality website design at a fraction of the cost of a design studio, tailored to your unique business goals. No hidden fees, no contracts, just beautiful, functional websites that deliver.

Want to Discuss Your Website Design First?

I understand that custom web design is a personalized service, and each of my clients will have unique requirements. This product page exists as a way to be up-front with my pricing and give you a better idea of the cost and the process involved in creating your website. I wouldn’t expect anyone to purchase something like this without discussing it with me first. If you’d like to get in touch, you can send me a message here, or give me a call at 951-764-7887.

My goal is to have plenty of communication throughout the entire project where I can tailor this service to meet your specific needs. Maintaining a personal touch and building relationships with my clients is super important to me and crucial to the success of the project. Feel free to reach out for a free consultation if you have any questions or if you think your project fits somewhere outside the scope of the options on this page.

What’s included

Professional Web Design:

Receive a meticulously crafted website tailored to your brand and business needs.


Personalized consultations to understand your goals and preferences throughout the entirety of the project.


Personalize your site with custom features, layouts, and color schemes.

One Premium Theme:

Choose a pre-built theme from, or I’ll customize a theme for you based on your branding and feedback.

Staging Site:

Preview your website on a staging site before it goes live.

On-Page SEO

Optimization of on-page elements to enhance search engine visibility and user experience.

Two Rounds of Revisions:

Collaborate with me to refine and perfect the design during two revision phases.

Responsive Design:

Ensure your website looks stunning on both mobile and desktop devices.

Site Migration:

Seamless migration of the approved design to your chosen hosting provider.

What’s NOT included

Logo Design:

Creation of a new logo is not included, but a logo design/branding package can be purchased separately.

Advanced Functionality:

Highly specialized or complex features beyond the standard web design scope may require additional development costs.

Off-Page SEO:

While I ensure your website is SEO-friendly, off-page SEO activities such as backlink building are not part of this package.

Additional Plugins:

The base package includes essential plugins; additional premium plugins may require separate purchase.

Third-Party Tools:

Costs associated with third-party tools, software licenses, or subscriptions are not covered unless specified.

Content Creation:

Supplying content (text, premium images, etc.) can be added for an additional cost.

Domain and Hosting Costs:

Any costs associated with domain registration and hosting are not included in the web design service.

Ongoing Maintenance:

Regular updates, content additions, and ongoing website maintenance are not part of the initial web design package.

How it works


Order Your Web Design

Select your desired web design package and place your order securely through my website.

Initial Consultation (1-2 Days)

I'll reach out to you for an initial discussion to understand your goals, preferences, and business needs.

Send Me Your Content Outline/Images

Use this template to create your Website Content Outline. I’ll use it to fill your website with text content.

Staging Site Creation (2-3 weeks)

I'll build a customized staging site to showcase the proposed design and functionality tailored to your specifications.

First Round of Revisions (1-2 Days)

Check out the staging site and provide feedback for me. I'll implement your requested changes for the first round of revisions.

Client Review

Take a closer look at the revised staging site and let me know if any further adjustments are needed.

Second Round of Revisions (1-2 Days)

I'll refine the design based on your additional feedback, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your vision.

Final Approval

Once you're satisfied with the design, give me the green light for the finalization process.

Site Migration (1 Day)

Your approved website design will be seamlessly migrated to your chosen hosting provider, making it live for your audience.