Lines – Minimalist Icons for iPhone iOS macOS & Windows

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Outlined minimalist icons with a super classy look. Icons come in 4 different black and white color versions.

Instructions for applying custom icons:  iOS  |  macOS  |  Windows

Wanna try before you buy? Download a sample pack here:

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Lines – iOS 14 Minimalist Icons for iPhone, Mac, & Windows

  • 5,000+ minimalist line icons.
  • 150+ wallpapers.
  • Transparent PNGs included if you’d like to create your own icon backgrounds.
  • 4 background colors included; black, charcoal, pearl, & white.
  • Transparent white & black PNG pack plus the 4 pre-made sets total over 27,000 icons!
  • Free updates. Request more lined minimalist icons using the contact form at
  • Includes wallpapers that match the icon backgrounds for a seamless look.

Files Included

Black BG – 5,000 Icons


Charcoal BG – 5,000 icons


Lines Transparent PNGs – 5,000 icons (Please note: iOS doesn’t currently support transparency in shortcut backgrounds. I’m including these transparent icons in case you’d like to create your own backgrounds in a program like Photoshop.)


White BG – 5,000 icons


Pearl BG – 5,000 icons


Lines Dark Transparent PNGs – 5,000 icons (Please note: iOS doesn’t currently support transparency in shortcut backgrounds. I’m including these transparent minimalist icons in case you’d like to create your own backgrounds in a program like Photoshop.)


150 Wallpapers

Compatible with:

Downloadable files:


How do I use these?

Full instructions for applying custom icons: iOS  |  MacOS  |  Windows

On iOS, icons can be applied using the “Shortcuts” app in iOS.

For Windows, I recommend using Rainmeter to customize your desktop icons.

How do I request new icons?

If you have any requests, feel free to contact me and let me know what you’d like to see in a future update.

Files Missing?

Each zip file contains over 5,000 icons. If you’re only seeing a portion of that, there could be a couple of reasons why: Either your download was interrupted and only a portion of the files were obtained, or your device is still in the process of unzipping. It can take a couple minutes to unzip all 5,000 files. If you still don’t see all 5,000+ icons after a few minutes, you might need to re-download the zip file.

Unsupported File Type?

Apple restricts opening zip files on some devices based on your user settings.

Tap the 3 dot menu > Open in > Save to Files

Once the file is in your Files app, you should be able to access them. Also, use “Choose File” when creating a shortcut in the “Shortcuts” app.

Don't have permission to open the file?

You should be able to fix this by restarting your device. I’m not sure why but it seems to work for most people! You’ll also see this when your phone storage(not iCloud storage) is low on space. Try freeing up some space or restarting your device.

Couldnt communicate with helper application?

A device restart should fix this. This could be also be caused by low storage space.

Is there an Android verison?

Yes! You can get my Android themes here.

License Info

Icons are protected by a CC Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC 3.0) license.

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17 reviews for Lines – Minimalist Icons for iPhone iOS macOS & Windows

  1. Avatar

    Christian Robberstad (verified owner)


    Beautiful, minimalist pack! Was worried about the tedious task of implementing all the icons, but it wasn’t that bad at all. In the process I cleaned up and sorted all my apps even more than I had done already. One page is enough, the rest I just search for when needed.

    The icons are minimalist and well made. They are easily found through Files, and the search function is a lifesaver. Some apps (typical local apps) doesn’t have a corresponding icon – but the set is so large that you can quickly find something suitable.

    The value of the pack is insane! No-brainer if you are looking for something along these Lines😉

    Lines - Minimalist Icons for iPhone iOS macOS & Windows
  2. Avatar

    Jennifer Conshue (verified owner)

    Quality icons, but not usable for my purpose

    Beautiful icons. Exactly what I wanted. I may just not know how to do it, but I’m unable to change the system icons and non-system icons returned to the original in the doc when opened so I didn’t accomplish my goal of making getting rid of the visual clutter on my Mac in my effort to be more minimalist. I’m still giving 5 stars because the icons are sleek and high quality. Unfortunately I wasted time I can’t get back on trying to bend technology to my will when I should just pare down my tech. I can use them on my iPhone, but I’m going to ditch my smartphone for a simple and dumb phone. I plan to ditch my Mac for an iPad Pro so I hope to be able to use them with that and finally calm all the visual bull**** down.

  3. Avatar

    Raj (verified owner)

    Good quality icons

    I was glad to find icons with a transparent background so that I could match them to the colour of the screen I was using. My only negative is that there were not any icons for some of the IOS apps I use so I had to use others.

    Lines - Minimalist Icons for iPhone iOS macOS & Windows
  4. Avatar

    Sean (verified owner)

    Quality every time!

    Moving back to iPhone but I can’t let my lines go–love them on android, looking forward to a great setup on the new phone (just not the convoluted iOS process). Great work as always!

  5. Avatar


    As good as the were on Android

    I had them for my Android phone, loved them, so when I changed to iPhone, I just had to buy them again. Although customizing the iPhone is a mess (as in creating like 60 shortcuts, assign the icons manually, you name it), it‘s worth the pain; since all icons in black do just look perfect on the screen.

  6. Avatar

    Stephen McKenzie (verified owner)

    Simple & Easy

    Love the designs. More options than I could ever need. Helped make my phone more minimalist in my attempt to disconnect from constant technology.

    Lines - Minimalist Icons for iPhone iOS macOS & Windows
  7. Avatar

    Ken Ford (verified owner)


    What a great value for such a high quality set of icons that enabled me to create a dark minimalist Home Screen. Thanks!

    Lines - Minimalist Icons for iPhone iOS macOS & Windows
  8. Avatar

    Nate (verified owner)

    Thanks for the feedback! I’ll add those in the next update.

  9. Avatar

    Yoda Mann

    Pretty good, almost perfect

    Happy with the look of the icons, a simple improvement would be to make sure the standard set of icons that comes with a user’s home folder on Mac be reflected in this set, in both image and text: Desktop, Movies, Pictures, and Public.

  10. Avatar

    Nikhil (verified owner)

    Just Perfect

    The icon pack is gorgeous and minimalist, just the thing required to make your phone’s display stand out. Made my iphone 13 pro look stunning and definitely eye catching.

    iphone icons review image
    iphone icons review image
    iphone icons review image
    iphone icons review image
    iphone icons for iOS review image
  11. Avatar

    Alex Patterson (verified owner)


    There really is an icon for every app, and plenty of more generic icons to use in any context. Really comprehensive, easy to access and use, simple process.

    iphone icons for iOS review image
    iphone icons for iOS review image
  12. Avatar

    Kal (verified owner)

    Minimalist Icons

    These icons a perfect for the minimalist aesthetic I was going for. Also, there are so many different icons, each with different color and background options.

    iphone icons for iOS review image
  13. Avatar

    Kate Robinson (verified owner)

    Super cool

    Very happy with this purchase, love the look.

  14. Avatar

    CHANDLER (verified owner)

    Nice Simple Icons

    I really like these icons. My one problem is that I think the transparent icons need to be 120×120 (or closer to the full size of an icon. When you go through the trouble of using the transparent set, the icons look tiny. Kind of a bummer, but I will be buying another set and trying to stretch the icons to the larger dimension.

    iphone icons review image
  15. Avatar

    Nilesh Dharmadhikari (verified owner)

    Love it!

    Love the high quality icons. Looks so fresh and crisp after having used the standard icons for years. Thanks for this!

    I would love to be able to submit requests (betterment for eg) and it would also be great if I could just install a profile (like moloko) and get all shortcuts in one go.

    Overall, happy with this purchase.

    iphone icons for iOS review image
  16. Avatar

    Sakina Viriyapanyakul (verified owner)

    Many icons

    Great idea. Minimal and clean. I’m very enjoy.

  17. Avatar

    Darnell Adamson (verified owner)

    Great look

    Very happy with this purchase. It’s a nice and clean minimalist look with an icon for almost every app you use. Nice change after seeing the same iPhone icons for years and not having to jailbreak.

    iphone icons for iOS review image
    iphone icons for iOS review image
  18. Avatar

    Kael Tarog (verified owner)

    Great deal for thousands of icons

    Very happy with my purchase. I’m enjoying the different selections. My phone looks sleek and minimal. Highly recommend.

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