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In development for Android since 2014, these hand-made minimalist icons are now available for other devices like macOS, Windows, & iPhone thanks to the Shortcuts app in iOS. These gold icons come in 4 different color styles. This collection also includes transparent gold PNGs for creating your own customized icon backgrounds.

Instructions for applying custom icons:  iOS  |  macOS  |  Windows

Wanna try before you buy? Download a sample pack here:

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Gold Leaf – Icons for iPhone iOS MacOS & Windows

  • 5,000+ gold iOS 14 icons.
  • 150+ wallpapers – edited to match the gold icons.
  • Transparent PNGs of the gold icons are included if you’d like to create your own icon backgrounds.
  • 4 icon background colors included; black, graphite, white, & gold.
  • Transparent gold PNG pack plus the 4 pre-made sets total over 22,500 icons!
  • Free updates. Request icons using the contact form at
  • Includes dark and light wallpapers that match the gold icon backgrounds for a seamless look.

Files Included

Gold Leaf iOS Icons – Black BG – 5,000 Icons


Gold Leaf iOS Icons – Graphite BG – 5,000 icons


Gold Leaf iOS Icons – White BG – 5,000 icons


Gold Leaf iOS 14 Icons – Gold BG- 5,000 icons


Gold Leaf iOS 14 Icons – Transparent PNGs – 5,000 icons (Please note: iOS doesn’t currently support transparency in shortcut backgrounds. I’m including these transparent icons in case you’d like to create your own backgrounds in a program like Photoshop.)



150 Wallpapers

Compatible with:

Downloadable files:


How do I use these?

Full instructions for applying custom icons: iOS  |  MacOS  |  Windows

On iOS, icons can be applied using the “Shortcuts” app in iOS.

For Windows, I recommend using Rainmeter to customize your desktop icons.

How do I request new icons?

If you have any requests, feel free to contact me and let me know what you’d like to see in a future update.

Files Missing?

Each zip file contains over 5,000 icons. If you’re only seeing a portion of that, there could be a couple of reasons why: Either your download was interrupted and only a portion of the files were obtained, or your device is still in the process of unzipping. It can take a couple minutes to unzip all 5,000 files. If you still don’t see all 5,000+ icons after a few minutes, you might need to re-download the zip file.

Unsupported File Type?

Apple restricts opening zip files on some devices based on your user settings.

Tap the 3 dot menu > Open in > Save to Files

Once the file is in your Files app, you should be able to access them. Also, use “Choose File” when creating a shortcut in the “Shortcuts” app.

Don't have permission to open the file?

You should be able to fix this by restarting your device. I’m not sure why but it seems to work for most people! You’ll also see this when your phone storage(not iCloud storage) is low on space. Try freeing up some space or restarting your device.

Couldnt communicate with helper application?

A device restart should fix this. This could be also be caused by low storage space.

Is there an Android verison?

Yes! You can get my Android themes here.

License Info

Icons are protected by a CC Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC 3.0) license.

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6 reviews for Gold Leaf – Icons for iPhone iOS MacOS & Windows

  1. Avatar

    Benji (verified owner)

    Spectacular icon pack

    Awesomely designed icons, the selection is massive – 5,000 icons in each style. I found an icon for every app I wanted customized, often even multiple options for the same app (try search for “mail,” “insta,” or “sms”!). Easily downloaded and set using the Shortcuts app. 110% worth the money! I absolutely love the way my homescreen looks now.

    Gold Leaf - Icons for iPhone iOS MacOS & Windows
  2. Avatar

    J.War (verified owner)

    classy icons

    Great icon pack,lot’s to choose from,worth every penny.

  3. Avatar

    Preet (verified owner)

    Love it :-)

    Amazing Icons
    Huge icon library

    iphone icons for iOS review image
  4. Avatar

    [email protected] (verified owner)


  5. Avatar

    Nicolas Ramos (verified owner)

    Love the design. Blend with my Gold iPhone 12 Pro Max

    The quantity and the design of the icons are awesome. Satisfied!

  6. Avatar

    Frank Mohan (verified owner)

    Very good. As described. No complaints.

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